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ABS Air brake Services

 formally known as Vaal Air Brakes was established in 1992, with the aim to provide a specialized Air Brake Repair and Maintenance service to the local and regional transport industry by utilizing a workforce of skilled local individuals in an aim to support, develop and contribute to sustaining the local economy of Gauteng.

ABS now carries

out its air brake operations from premises situated at 78 Loper Ave Deka Park, Unit 3 Aeroport Spartan. These premises were geographically selected to ensure that we are in close proximity to the local industries from which we will source components and to be as close as possible to our target market and our customer base. Our location provides an effective after hours service with minimum response time to any service required.

Our qualified workforce

provides effective, efficient and professional service. We have developed and refined our facilities to meet all your service requirements. The services we provide, range from the diagnoses (fault finding) with air brake components and systems all the way through to rebuilding a new air brake system for a vehicle.